1)What is Fenoreporter?
Fenoreporter is a term for phenomenon journalism. In this site you will find the news about a video, an object or a personality which or who become phenomenon in some how in social media.

2) How can I find our phenomenon in Fenoreporter?
In the main page, on the top, you will see the categories. If you click the category that you interest, in the second screen, you will see the filters about the social media channels. With this filters you will find your phenomenon that you will interest.

3) In the filters I could not find the phenomenon that we interest. What is the problem?
Because of the legal issues , we may delete the news about your phenomenon or we have no news about your phenomenon yet.

4) I want to give advertisement to the Fenoreporter. What should I do?
From ads@fenoreporter.com you can contact with us for details.

5) I have news too. Can I publish in Fenoreporter?
From news@fenoreporter.com you can send your news to us. If it fits our "Phenomenon"criterias we will publish your news too.

6) I want my news to be deleted from your site. What should ı do?
You should send an email to legal@fenoreporter.com address with your documents about the law in "Legal" page. If the content belongs to you, and our team confirms your documents about your content, we will delete your content via 3 business day from our site.